You can hold any event at HomeMinsk!
Make your celebrations unforgettable!


Every detail of your wedding day should be perfect. Rent a HomeMinsk villa to have a brilliant wedding! We create perfect conditions to hold a celebration: stylish interior, a variety of activities, comfortable conditions for recreation. HomeMinsk is the place to have an exemplary wedding!



Do you like to have parties even for no reason? Homeminsk is the perfect place to bring together friends, relatives or colleagues and have a great time! We will be happy to take care of the smallest details of your party so you can rest in an amazing atmosphere of luxury and comfort!


Holiday with company

HomeMinsk properties are suitable for any type of holiday and can be a great option to share with friends.

The villas have a variety of entertainment for a group holiday – every guest will find their own way to relax and unwind.


Birthdays and anniversaries

Do you dream of celebrating your birthday in an original way? HomeMinsk makes your dream come true! Exquisite villas and apartments, furnished with everything for a perfect holiday, are at your service. Turkish Hamman, cycling, hookah and many other activities will make your birthday unforgettable!


Corporate events

How to strengthen the team spirit of the company and give employees a sense of unity? Hold a corporate event at HomeMinsk villas! Exquisite interior, plenty of possibilities for outdoor activities, ideal conditions to relax – we have thought of everything for an ideal corporate party.



Prom is a holiday that happens only once in a lifetime. It’s a lively party, when everyone is a real star. With HomeMinsk, your prom will become one of the most memorable events. Our luxury and spacious villas provide everything you need for a perfect party. Enjoy the world of real luxury and comfort!


Stag Party

According to traditions, a party with friends held shortly before the wedding should be as remarkable as possible. Therefore, an ideal option for a stag party is HomeMinsk villas and apartments, specially created for amazing holidays. Here you can relax your body and mind in a comfortable lounge area or Turkish Hamman. If you want fancy active rest, you can go to the gym, basketball court or pool to fill everyone with energy and enthusiasm!


Hen party

On the eve of a wedding celebration, it’s great to enjoy the company of friends in a cozy and comfortable atmosphere. We know all about turning a hen party into a real holiday! If you like to spend time actively, you can choose cycling or ping-pong. Otherwise, you can relax in a lounge area or a swimming pool. HomeMinsk villas and apartments are the right choice if you look for a luxury setting.


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